Here you'll find everything you need to bring luxury patio furniture to your home without breaking the bank including weather-resistance wicker, hand-carved outdoor furniture, wrought iron furniture, and much more!

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | O.W. Lee Company

O.W. Lee Company

No matter what the season - it's always the right time to shop for patio furniture. Enjoying outdoor living should take place anytime of the year. To make your patio or yard a more enjoyable place to be - take a look at our great selection of O.W. Lee patio furniture.

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Woodard


Woodard craftsmen have been designing and manufacturing timeless furniture for more than 140 years. You’ll be hard pressed to find another piece of furniture with the history of quality and excellence that Woodard products at Patio Shop - Fireplace Center can offer.

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center is pleased to carry the full line of Brown Jordan patio furniture and accessories. When a company has been in business as long as Brown Jordan, you know that they have built customer loyalty and brand recognition for their...

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Homecrest


When it's time for you to replace your current patio furniture - or, if you are just starting out - there is no better patio furnishings to choose from than Homecrest Patio Furniture. Look no further than the Patio Shop - Fireplace Center in Amarillo, Texas for Homecrest products.

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Pride-Castelle


The Castelle name has been synonymous with American made, handcrafted luxury furnishings for more than 40 years. It takes multiple craftsmen to create each piece with the highest quality, luxury, and comfort level possible.

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Tropitone


Sitting outside, enjoying the warm weather on durable, stylish patio furniture is a dream that comes true. You don't have to compromise on either function or style when you see the incredible collections available from Tropitone. 

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Winston


Patio Shop - Fireplace Center Introduces their Winston Line. Once you have completed your fireplace design, from size, shape, quality material and functions, it is time to consider your choice of luxury patio furnishings. 

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate patio furniture is best known for quality furniture and products that can be found at the Patio Shop - Fireplace Center. No matter what piece of furniture you are looking for you are sure to find the perfect piece for your taste.

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders

What we like about Lloyd Flanders collections are their wide scope of diverse designs and the unmatched quality of their three manufacture materials.

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Patio Furniture | Firepits

Fire Pits

Having an outdoor firepit or fire table can bring a whole new atmosphere to your patio. If you want to customize your outdoor area, a firepit or fire table will do the job.

All of our products go hand in hand togther to create your ideal outdoor living space! You can view our other product lines down below

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