Who doesn't enjoy a fireplace.


It adds warmth and ambiance to any room. You may not realize there are many accessories that you can purchase that will add to the beauty and function of your fireplace. Whether you have a traditional wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace - accessories can make your room even more inviting.


The types of fireplace accessories




One accessory that can completely change the look of your room is a new screen. Maybe you have just moved into your home and find that the fireplace doesn't meld well with your current style. All you have to do is change the screen to make your room your own. From glass floral panels to a more traditional or contemporary look, a new screen can update your fireplace to fit in with your decor.


Wood rack.


If yours is a wood burning fireplace - a wood rack can be useful as well as decorative. As with most of the fireplace accessories, there is a wide range of styles to choose from.

Hearth rug. Flame resistant hearth rugs protect your flooring and provide added safety from your wood burning fireplace. No matter what your room style - you will be able to find the pattern and color that will compliment your design. From hooked wool to half-round braided rugs - you'll find a fire resistant rug that will give you beauty as well as peace of mind when using your fireplace.




You may not be familiar with this fireplace accessory. A fireback protects the bricks and mortar of the firebox in your fireplace. They are made of cast iron, and reflects heat into your room. Firebacks are heat-resistant and will radiate warmth after your fire has died down. You can choose from many attractive patterns and styles.


Fireplace candelabra or candle holder.

 Another accessory you may not be familiar with is a fireplace candelabra or candle holder. During the summer, you probably don't use your wood-burning fireplace. With warmer weather you miss the atmosphere that only a glowing fire can give. With a fireplace candelabra or candle holder you can light up your fireplace any time. You can even choose from the rustic appearance of natural looking logs that can hold several candles. There are also unique and elegant styles to choose from. You can change the type and color of candles to fit your mood. Enjoy your fireplace all year with the fireplace candelabra or candle holder that will fit your room's decor.




Perfect for gas or log fireplaces, you can use them to hold logs - or simply as a decorative accent. They are ideal for keeping your logs in place or to give your fireplace a new look to compliment your own decorative flair.

Tool sets. Many people love the look of tool sets to match the style of their screen. Even if you have a gas fireplace, you can still enjoy the look of a traditional fireplace tool set. You will have many styles to choose from.


Fireplace accessories add to the look of your room

Whatever type of fireplace you have - adding a few accessories will enhance the atmosphere of your room and tie together your room's decor with your fireplace.

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