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High Quality Standards from Harman Stove Company


For a fireplace that meets the highest quality standards and gives you the look you want in your home – choose the Harman Stove Company. Harman offers many different models. Stop by your Amarillo, Texas Fireplace Center and Patio Shop to learn about their stoves, fireplace inserts, fireplaces and outdoor options. Make your favorite room in the house extra cozy, or add an amazing touch to your backyard patio with an outdoor fireplace. Here are some details about the impressive product offerings from Harman Stove Company.


Harman Stoves – Freestanding Beauty


Stoves from Harman come in either pellet burning or wood burning options. These models are made of high quality steel or cast iron and come in various colors to suit your home décor.

Pellet Stoves – these stoves use environmentally friendly pellet fuel (compressed wood or biomass pellets) and feed your stove consistently to produce an even flame. They give off great amounts of heat and can operate at 90% efficiency. Models available from Harman include the P68, XXV, Absolute43, P61A, Accentra and the P43. To learn more about these models stop by your local fireplace center in Amarillo.


Wood Stoves – always a classic option with efficient design, a Harman Wood Burning Stove burns wood cleanly and efficiently, offering fireplace owners the option to control and direct the heat output. Options available from Harman include the TL300, Oakwood, TL2.6, Oakleaf and the TL2.0 models.


Harman Fireplace Inserts & Fireplaces – The Classic Ambiance

Fireplace inserts from Harman will give your classic old fireplace an updated look. Choose from both pellet models (the Accentra 52i or the P35i) and the wood-burning model (the 300i) to make your home fireplace cozier. With a fireplace insert, you can transform an existing hearth, making it more efficient and beautiful. Enjoy that "classic" ambiance.


Making Your Outdoor Space Beautiful with Harman Stove Company


Some of the best products available from Harman Stove Company are their outdoor fireplace products. Especially for those with a great patio or terrace in Amarillo, Texas – an outdoor fireplace gives your home added value and years of enjoyment. Entertain guests on your patio all year long with the added warmth of an outdoor fireplace. Skip the messy fire pit or bonfire circle and choose a classy, functional fireplace instead. Either in convenient gas or traditional wood – make your backyard patio a welcoming retreat.


Gas Outdoor Fireplaces – with features like see-through viewing you can connect indoor and outdoor spaces with a beautiful fireplace. Gas options turn on with a flick of a switch and require no chimney or venting. Some models even offer LED lighting to make your outdoor space even more inviting.


Wood Outdoor Fireplaces – nothing beats an outdoor fire… but if you’ve tired of cleaning out the fire pit or setting up the bonfire, give an outdoor wood fireplace a chance. Enjoy the crackling wood and dazzling flames with a dramatic addition to your patio. Invite your whole family and cozy up to your outdoor hearth.


To learn more about Harman Stove Company models and available options in your area, stop by your local Amarillo, Texas Fireplace Center and Patio Store.  Don’t hesitate – install a fireplace today to make your indoor or outdoor space more beautiful.





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