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 There are many advantages to owning your own hearthstone freestanding stove. Maybe you are looking to save money on your energy bill and want to do so with a fireplace. Maybe you are looking to remodel and replace an old worn out fireplace with a more efficient and modern one. No matter what your reason is, hearthstone freestanding stove are exactly what you are looking for.


These freestanding stoves have the capacity to heat many rooms at once, more than just the single room they are installed in. This natural heat source not only provides an illuminating light at night, but it also cuts down on energy costs. Hearthstone fireplaces are not only an elegant addition to any home, they are also a cost worthy energy efficient addition.


When the power goes down many accessories in your home may quit working as well. With a hearthstone, you don't have to worry about being without heat in the event of a power outage. You can still heat your home and provide ample light without the need for electricity.


Soapstone is a revolutionary natural material which holds many benefits. This stone can withstand immense temperatures and retains the heat well. Fireboxes made from soapstone lasts longer than those constructed of cast iron, steel or bricks. Soapstone covers the top and sides of wood burning stoves. This allows the stone to absorb heat from the inside and radiate it throughout the room. These stoves are perfect for nights when you want the warmth from a fireplace but don't want to have to tend to the fire all night long.


The EPA has implemented certain standards by which all wood stoves in the United States must comply with. These standards ensure the stoves are cleaner and work more efficiently. Emissions testing is required to ensure compliance of all wood stoves. Hearthstone fireplaces and wood stoves meet all the EPA's stringent standards and specifications. These stoves provide the best heating efficiency with minimal maintenance.


No matter what your reason is for wanting a fireplace you're sure to find comfort and luxury with a hearthstone fireplace. These stoves offer simple operation with thermostat controlled fans. You'll worry less about creosote build-up, and enjoy clean burning and energy efficient heat source. Choose a color which best matches the other decor in your house to ensure your fireplace conforms perfectly.


If you're having problems deciding then let the professionals at Fireplace Center-Patio Shop in Amarillo, Texas help you out.  Hearthstone stoves offer home heating that meets your family's needs without breaking the bank.

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Hearthstone Castleton Soapstone Wood Stove

The Castleton gives you the heating qualities of soapstone and the detailing of fine cast iron. Designed to maintain a warm, consistent heat, the Castleton is simple, reliable, affordable, and beautiful.

Castleton Soapstone Stove

Hearthstone Equinox Soapstone Wood Stove

Our largest soapstone stove, the Equinox possesses the strength to heat your entire home. Pack the generous firebox and enjoy an unmatched, long-lasting HeatLife – true

of only a Hearthstone.

Equinox Soapstone Stove

Hearthstone Heritage Soapstone Wood Stove

Crafted in the tradition of Hearthstone innovation, the Heritage provides the enduring comfort of soapstone with side-loading capability and sustained heat for up to 12 hours.

Heritage Soapstone Stove

Hearthstone Homestead Soapstone Wood Stove

Efficient and versatile, the Homestead keeps your midsize home cozy.






Homestead Soapstone Stove

Hearthstone Mansfield Soapstone Wood Stove

A true workhorse, the Mansfield is a top-seller among hearth professionals. The Mansfield delivers comfortable warmth throughout your home.


Mansfield Soapstone Stove

Hearthstone Phoenix Soapstone Wood Stove

Highlighting a hybrid design, the Phoenix combines the quick-heating qualities of a solid cast iron

front and back with the radiant heat of natural soapstone for quick, lasting warmth.

Phoenix Soapstone Stove

Hearthstone Tribute Soapstone Wood Stove

Perfect for a large room or a smaller home, the Tribute will burn for up to 5 hours – so you enjoy 7 hours of HeatLife. The Tribute delivers Hearthstone quality and efficiency at an attractive price point.

Tribute Soapstone Stove

Hearthstone Aurora Linear Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces









Aurora Linear Gas Fireplaces

Hearthstone Montgomery Wood Burning Fireplace

Whether you are building or renovating, the Montgomery enhances your home and offers an efficient alternative to a traditional fireplace.



Montgomery Fireplace

Hearthstone Clydesdale Wood Burning Insert

The Clydesdale is the perfect solution for drafty, inefficient fireplaces. The large open viewing area highlights the ambiance of wood burning.



Clydesdale Wood Insert

Hearthstone Morgan Wood Burning Insert

An attractive combination of design and function, the Morgan wood-fired insert can heat up to 1,200 square feet.




Morgan Wood Insert

Hearthstone Bari Wood Burning Stove

The striking cylindrical shape gives the Bari modern appeal. The soapstone construction provides radiant heat and sustained warmth.



Bari Wood Burning Stove

Hearthstone Lima Wood Burning Stove

The Lima combines style and utility to meet your needs. A ceramic construction delivers pleasing, radiant warmth.




Lima Wood Burning Stove

Hearthstone Tula Wood Burning Stove

Compact and easy-to-operate, the Tula easily fits into any living space and lifestyle. A unique glass frame offers a large viewing area.



Tula Wood Burning Stove

Hearthstone Craftsbury Cast-Iron Wood Stove

Perfect for a large room or a smaller home, the Craftsbury heats with the classic good looks of embossed cast iron. Offering medium heating capacity and small


Craftsbury Cast-Iron Stove

Hearthstone Manchester Cast-Iron Wood Stove

Clean-burning, efficient, and versatile, the Manchester presents Hearthstone performance in cast-iron style.




Manchester Cast-Iron Stove

Hearthstone Shelburne Cast-Iron Wood Stove

A generous heating capacity allows the Shelburne to heat large areas of your home with ease.




Shelburne Cast-Iron Stove

Hearthstone Deva Wood Burning Cookstove

With classic style and radiant heat, the Hearthstone Deva does it all: cooks your food, warms your home, and enhances your kitchen.



Deva Wood Cookstove

Hearthstone Heritage Pellet Stove

The Heritage Pellet offers the convenience and sustainability of pellet burning with exceptional aesthetic appeal.




Heritage Pellet Stove

Hearthstone Manchester Pellet Stove

The Manchester Pellet brings you convenience and advanced technology in an attractive Hearthstone cast iron design.




Manchester Pellet Stove

Hearthstone Bristol DX Gas Stove









Bristol DX Gas Stove

Hearthstone Champlain Gas Stove









Champlain Gas Stove

Hearthstone Stowe Gas Stove









Stowe Gas Stove

Hearthstone Waitsfield DX Gas Stove









Waitsfield DX Gas Stove





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