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If the latest technology, innovation and modern design are your style, then the Heat n' Glo® brand could be a match for you. With products from gas stoves to inserts and outdoor fireplaces, the Heat n' Glo® brand is committed to staying on top of the latest fireplace technology and offering products that “wow” their customers. Stop by your Fireplace Center and Patio Shop in Amarillo, Texas to discover all of the available options for Heat n' Glo® fireplaces. Here is a sampling of their product offerings.


Fill Two Spaces with a See-Through Fireplace


The “HST See-Through” wood fireplace model from Heat n' Glo® allows you to warm two rooms simultaneously - operating efficiently and conveniently. With modern front finishing, bi-fold doors and a large viewing area, this contemporary option will be sure to impress your guests. The “HST” model can be a great addition to any living room and dining room space, or a wonderful see-through design feature between your kitchen and main living area.


Go for the Ultra-Modern Gas Stove


When thinking of a traditional wood or gas stove, “modern” does not usually come to mind. But with the “Paloma” gas stove model from Heat n' Glo®, you’ll have a slim-profile, super modern addition to your favorite room. This model combines functionality with sleek design, and is highly efficient in heating nearly any space.


Take The Party Outside


If outdoor entertaining is one of your favorite things… then an outdoor fireplace should be on your “design needs” list. Transform your backyard patio or terrace with a dramatic wood fireplace. Or, choose a more convenient gas option for some quickly added ambiance at your next shindig. The outdoor models from Heat n' Glo® (like the “Palazzo” see-through model) also can connect an indoor and outdoor space, or provide a great “room divider” on a large outdoor patio.


Transform an Old Hearth with an Insert


If an old, non-functioning fireplace is taking up precious space on your wall, consider transforming that drafty space with a gas fireplace insert from Heat n' Glo®. Models like the “Escape” or the “COSMO” gas inserts give your room an entirely new look. Take your non-working fireplace and make it modern and functional with a fireplace insert. Use gas logs for a more classic ambiance, or choose a log-free gas insert for a super modern look.


From an indoor retreat to an outdoor oasis – the Heat n' Glo® brand brings sleek, modern design to the world of fireplaces. Stop by the Fireplace Center Patio Shop in Amarillo to see more of contemporary designs available from this exquisite brand.

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Heat n' Glo 6000-8000 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


This flagship fireplace started in the late 1980s. Now it’s evolved into the most award-winning gas fireplace series ever made.



6000-8000 Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Cerona Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


It starts with patented, heat-radiating FireBrick® material. Skillfully molded with seamless cantilevered corners and textured detail, the Cerona takes form.


Cerona Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Corner Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Put dull, dark corners to use and add value to your homes. These multi-sided models add light, warmth and distinct architectural detail to any space.


Corner Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Cosmo Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Reap the benefits of form and function. Clean lines and elegant ambiance never go out of style.




Cosmo Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo LUX Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


The LUX makes a statement in a clean and distinct way. It’s modern art. On fire.





LUX Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Metro Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Take modern design to new places. The compact and

efficient METRO fits where other fireplaces don’t. From

uptown to downtown. And everywhere in-between.


Metro Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo MEZZO Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


You’ve never experienced modern design like this. Clean. Discreet. Luxurious. We spared nothing, to give you everything. It’s modern design, redefined.


MEZZO Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Pier Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


A unique multi-sided fireplace, our Pier provides three-sided viewing and works perfectly as a room divider or even the base of a bar.


Pier Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo PRIMO Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Warm up to our most luxurious fireplace yet. Where intricate modern styling meets innovative heating technology. There’s a reason we call it the PRIMO.

PRIMO Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo RED Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


The beauty of form. The brilliance of function. Inspired by Rectangular European Design. Experience a new level of

luxury and warmth.


RED Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo REVEAL Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Recreate the timelessness of a wood-burning fire with the open-hearth Reveal. Full, generous flames rise through a detailed log set,

while a 3-layered burner adds intensity and depth.

REVEAL Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo REVO Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Only 7-inches deep. And the world’s thinnest Direct Vent gas fireplace series. Experience stunning design and efficient heat output in

REVOlutionary new ways.


REVO Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo ST-36 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Our exclusive, state-of-the-art IntelliFire ignition system reduces gas consumption and thermogenerator wear by providing a pilot flame only when needed.


ST-36 Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Slimline Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


SlimLine fireplaces fit where others don’t. Slender profiles make unique installations a reality. Bring your vision to life with multiple models, sizes and finishing options.

Slimline Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Solaris Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


Forget what you think you know about fire. The world’s slimmest see-through fireplace is here. With levitating flames. Patented

technology. And the ability to go nearly anywhere.

Solaris Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo TRUE Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


The best fire. The cleanest look. The largest view. It is TRUE. The most authentic masonry appearance available is here.



TRUE Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Northstar Wood Burning Fireplace


Embrace intense flames and high-efficiency heating. The

Northstar is a sizeable and eco-friendly wood-burning




Northstar Wood Burning

Heat n' Glo Rutherford Wood Burning Fireplace


The Rutherford offers an authentic masonry look.

Available in 36", 42" and 50" sizes, the Rutherford

is designed to be installed flush to the floor or on a

raised hearth.

Rutherford Wood Burning

Heat n' Glo Premier Wood Burning Fireplace


Big statements, bold flames and beautiful finishes. Heat n' Glo wood-burning fireplaces enhance the tradition of fire.



Premier Wood Burning

Heat n' Glo Paloma Direct Vent Gas Stove


Modern European styling. At home uptown,downtown,

and everywhere in between. The Paloma takes a whole new approach to functional modern design.


Paloma Direct Vent Gas

Heat n' Glo Tiara Direct Vent Gas Stove


Classic style. Efficient heating. Durable cast iron

construction. The Tiara Series brings the timeless

appeal of a burning stove into a new age.


Tiara Direct Vent Gas Stove





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