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Designing Your Home with a Heatilator® Brand Fireplace


When planning your home décor with a room concept that includes a wood-burning fireplace, the Heatilator® brand is a smart choice with both great style and function. Keeping with traditional designs but modern efficiency, Heatilator® fireplaces are made to look great and last for the life of the home. Available at your Fireplace Center and Patio Shop in Amarillo, Texas, Heatilator® models come in both single-sided and see-through versions. With advanced features from the Heatilator® brand, your traditional wood burning fireplace will burn cleanly, efficiently and effectively heat your entire living space.


Available Heatilator® Models The Heatilator® brand offers many different types and models of fireplaces. From gas fireplace inserts to outdoor models, the choices are many. But if you’re looking for a high quality wood burning fireplace, then the Heatilator® brand is a top choice. Here are some of the available models of wood fireplaces:


Constitution – This wood fireplace is a high-end model from Heatilator® with a beautiful design and cast iron doors. It is eco-friendly; EPA certified and operates at over 77% efficiency.


Birmingham – The Birmingham model has the classic look of a brick fireplace and mimics real masonry work (without the added cost). It is a great option for a fireplace lover with classic design taste.


SC60 – If you are looking to use your fireplace as a source of heat (and not just for the ambiance), then the SC60 is for you. This model even comes equipped with a blower fan that circulates hot air into the room.


Icon Series – Let this model be truly the “Icon” in your living area. One of the largest fireplace models available in the industry, this model is truly a show-stopper.


Accelerator – Customize this fireplace to suit your design tastes with many different options of doors, brick panels, cast mantels and shelves. Built to last and withstand years and years of cozy fires.


Element – One of the “best value” models from Heatilator®, this fireplace is user-friendly and features a beautifully large viewing area. Keep the warmth up but the cost down with this model.


Choosing a Single-Sided or See-Through Model


Another available option for Heatilator® fireplaces is the see-through model. All the options listed above are single-sided models. But, the “Multi-sided” model is also an option. This ultra-modern, see-through fireplace gives you the beauty of a fireplace in more than one room. Separate a kitchen and dining area with a roaring fire, or add an extra touch of warmth between your living area and family room. With a see-through fireplace, there’s more than one “best spot” in front of the fire.


Advanced Fireplace Technologies from Heatilator®

The latest advancements in fireplace technologies include power venting and zone heating. With features like these, your traditional fireplace will have modern technology, operating cleanly and efficiently. Choose an eco-friendly fireplace from Heatilator® and enjoy great warmth at a lower cost.


Their fireplaces burn slowly and efficiently, conserving fuel and saving you trips to the woodpile.


A Great Home Décor Piece


After reviewing the various models of Heatilator® wood burning fireplaces, you’ll be able to choose a piece that reflects your style and suits your needs. Whether a classic model, like the Birmingham or a showstopper like the Icon Series, you’ll be sure to impress your guests and keep your family cozy all year long. Stop by your local Amarillo, Texas Fireplace Center and Patio Shop to discover the option that is right for you.

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