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Are you looking for an American-Made, eco-friendly, high quality fireplace for your home? Then stop by your Amarillo Fireplace Center and Patio Shop and ask about the Vermont Castings brand. Made in Vermont (as their name implies), this fireplace and stove company is dedicated to producing green products that last a lifetime. From freestanding stoves (in gas or wood burning models) to convenient fireplace inserts, Vermont Castings has been keeping families warm and cozy for over 35 years. Check out some of their best models at your fireplace center today.


Their “Green” Promise


If you are looking for an eco-friendly, “green” fireplace, then Vermont Castings is the way to go. Their cast iron stoves are made of 100% recycled materials, all of their products are EPA certified, and they even use renewable, clean resources to operate their plant in Vermont. Now those are some eco-made stoves and fireplaces.


Vermont Castings – Wood Stoves for Ambiance and Function


The “ambiance” is one of the main reasons people choose fireplaces. But with a Vermont Castings wood stove, you’ll also have function. These well made cast iron stoves come in several models, offering a catalytic, noncatalytic or convertible combustion type – depending if you want to heat your entire house or just create a cozy corner in your living room. With a crackling wood stove in the corner, the ambiance will automatically appear. If it’s function you’re seeking – choose an efficient wood stove to heat your entire home, raise your bread and even cook your dinner. With some versions offering a convenient top-load design, you’ll be able to stock your stove with enough fuel to last the entire night. With accessories to add like warming plates – you’ll be able to keep dinner hot without even touching the oven.


Vermont Castings – Gas Stoves for Convenience


Not quite sure if you’re ready to bring out the axe and stock up the woodpile? Or, maybe there’s not a great source of quality wood in your area. Either way, consider an efficient, user-friendly gas stove model from Vermont Castings. You’ll have the cozy warmth from real flames without all the mess and hassle of a wood-burning version. Gas stove models are available with a direct vent or no-vent system. Great for smaller spaces, gas stoves are efficient, easy to use and look great. If it’s convenience you’re looking for – choose a gas stove.


Fireplace Inserts from Vermont Castings


Maybe a freestanding wood or gas stove is not for you. If you want your fireplace to take up less floor space but still provide the warmth and ambiance you want, then choose a fireplace insert from Vermont Castings. The non-catalytic wood burning inserts are highly efficient and EPA certified. In fact, the “Merrimack” model is one of the “cleanest burning inserts available” in the industry.

Find Vermont Castings Products at your Amarillo, Texas Fireplace Center and Patio Shop

Stop by your Amarillo Fireplace Center to check out the selection of Vermont Castings products. Choose a wood stove for a freestanding, rustic look or a fireplace for an efficient, cozy addition to any room.

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Vermont Castings Victory Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert


With a steady state efficiency of 88%, this insert drastically improves the efficiency of your masonry fireplace.


Victory Direct Vent Insert

Vermont Castings Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts


The best material for a wood heating appliance is quality cast iron from our Vermont foundry.




Wood Burning Insert

Vermont Castings Cast Iron Wood Burning Stoves


Our Vermont Castings stoves offer classic warmth and timeless beauty that stands out from the competition.


Cast Iron Wood Burning

Vermont Castings Defiant & Encore Flexburn Wood Burning Stoves


We believe that a wood burning stove should be as efficient as it is innovative. That’s why we developed FlexBurn® technology.


Flexburn Wood Burning

Vermont Castings Direct Vent Cast Iron Gas Stove


The features you want in the size you need. With three sizes, five models and four finishes, you are sure to find a Vermont Castings

direct vent gas stove that is just right for your home.

Direct Vent Cast Iron Gas

Vermont Castings Vent Free Gas Stoves


Now you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a beautiful fire almost anywhere thanks to a vent free design.

Vent Free Gas Stoves





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