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Want A Gas Grill?
Grilling is definitely a part of our culture, as well as an acquired skill. More often than not - a home’s outdoor living space is being used all year round – at least for cooking. If you don’t have a grill to show off your culinary expertise, or if you need to replace the one you have – it may be time for you to check out a DCS grill. If you ask a professional chef what type of grill they prefer

– the answer usually is a DCS grill.

Benefits of a DCS grill
Most people have a preference when it comes to choosing a grill – but the benefits of a DCS grill just can’t be denied: Built-in temperature gauge, Easy cleaning, Intense high or low heat, Monitor temperatures, Natural convection, Specially designed hood
When you grill on a DCS grill, you always know how hot your grilling surface is. DCS grills have a hood that is specifically designed in order to provide the best cooking temperature for your special meals. The DCS grill has a new temperature gauge that allows you to check the temperature without raising the hood – which lets the heat of your grill escape. Monitoring your foods more closely will give you a grilling advantage, and you can be sure that your grilling expertise will shine.
You can find a DCS grill in a size that will fit your grilling needs. With stainless steel construction, cooking grids and burners – as well as stainless steel hood – you know that your grill is strong and will last for a long time. The cooking grids have removable ceramic radiant rods and an electronic ignition for an easy start.
The ceramic rods are removable that will make cleanup a snap.
The various sizes of grills to choose from also offer add-ons that will enhance your grilling experience. Some come with an infrared rear burner, a rotisserie kit, smoker tray – and even a halogen light that will let you do night time grilling. DCS grills have patented grease management systems that make flare-ups less likely.
This system also takes the chore out of cleaning the grill after cooking.

Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Gas Grills | DCS Appliances
Patio Shop - Fireplace Center | Gas Grills | DCS Appliances

Craftsmanship of a DCS Grill
You don’t have to worry about the quality of a DCS grill. They are attractively designed with heavy-duty materials that can last a lifetime.
Cooking with a DCS Grill
You will notice the difference between cooking with a DCS grill and any other type of grill you have used in the past. With the ability to adjust the temperature from extreme high for steaks or other types of food – to very low to cook veggies and other low-heat required foods – your meals will be cooked to perfection. You will be able to cook a variety of different types of food with the rotisserie – as well as adding a smoke flavor into some new recipes.
Grilling with a DCS grill will bring the fun of cooking back to your outdoor living space.
Visit your patio store
You don’t have to be a professional grilling chef to get professional results. With a DCS grill – your meals will have a professional quality that your family and friends will enjoy. Visit your local patio store to talk to the professionals about different types of grills. DCS grills will elevate your outdoor cooking experience far and above you ever thought possible.

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